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                                      Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association  

                                      Weekly Fishing Report 9/12/14 -9/19/14


                 Please check the 2014-2015 freshwater sport fishing regulations

                                                 and recent Trout Plants




Upper Sacramento River -- Expect conditions to improve as summer comes to an end. Think October. Best fishing is going to be found up near Dunsmuir where the coolest waters can be found. Overall, the fishing is tough once anglers get below Sims Rd. due to warm water conditions. Go easy on these fish. It's a tough summer for them as they seek colder waters up in Dunsmuir. You will find a mixture of planters and native fish.

Productive nymph patterns include #18 Gordon's Amber Wing Prince, #16 Brown Micro Mayfly, #8 Brown or Black Rubber Legs. Not too much much dry fly fishing happening, but anglers working the edges of tailouts can bring fish up throwing Fat Alberts, Foam-U-Lators, Golden Stones and Cutter's E/C Caddis. Courtesy of the Fly Shop

Keswick Resevoir -- Fishing is almost always good on Keswick from September through the Fall. Water flows out of Shasta are mostly stable and that creates better fishing conditions on Keswick. Right now is the time to go fish Keswick. Not too many anglers go fishing here. You should have the place to yourself! Since you need a motorized boat to fish the best water, most anglers are found on the Lower Sacramento that flows out of the dam that creates Keswick. Stripping buggers and leeches has been the top technique. Nymphs work best if fished along the edges of the boulders and eddies that are typical of the upper section near the dam. For a different experience, go check this place out. It's fun.

Stripping leeches and buggers on a type VII full sink line works great here. Fish going over 20" happen! Releases out of Shasta Dam have been stable. Good place to hire a guide though. Finding these fish requires some special knowledge and a boat.

Indicator suspended Birds Nests, Midges, PT Nymphs should work along the edges of the fast water near the Dam. Suspend your flies about 2-3 feet below the indicator. These fish like to come up to the fly. Fish the shallow edges. Stay low!! You will need a motorized boat to get to where the good fishing exists. Courtesy of the Fly Shop

Feather River -- There are some kings being caught here at the bottom, middle and upper ends of the river. Down low, the anchor crowd at the color line at Verona has been seeing slow to decent fishing, deepening on the day while fishing K15’s and spinners. Anchor anglers fishing plugs above Shanghai Falls are also seeing a few spurts of fish moving at first light. Up around Thermalito, there are some dark springers and a few moderately bright fall fish but the flows are low, warm and grassy and it’s mostly a crack of dawn type of deal. Courtesy of

Trinity River -- This just in: Based on recent water testing, toxins associated with harmful blue green algae may be present in the Trinity River. Keep the kids and pets out of the river. Further tests are underway. For more information, contact Humboldt County Division of Environmental Health at (707) 445-6215 or 1-800-963-9241 or visit the California Department of Public Health online.

Big flows on the Trinity this week. Releases are up at 942 cfs in order to keep the water temps below the Klamath/Trinity confluence cool in order to sustain a healthy and successful run of salmon and steelhead this coming fall. We have heard good reports thanks to the water releases. Early arrival steelhead have been found with one angler getting into more than 6 chrome bright fish. So the Trinity is fishing good this week. Throw Copper Johns in #12 red, Boles Bazookas, Micro Spawns. Swing Muddlers!

If you want to find great fishing near Lewiston, Ca and the Trinity River, we recommend Lewiston Lake! Courtesy of the Fly Shop

Frenchmen Lake --  The reports are that some fishermen have  limited on rainbows while fishing from their boats at Crystal Point.  The fish measured between 15 and 19 inches each.  

Trollers do best with flashers dragging a nightcrawler, or try wooly worms or roostertails of various colors.

Bank fishing has been good at the dam and at Big Cove.

Lots of fishermen say that fall fishing is the best fishing.  Come on out to Frenchman Lake and see for yourself! Courtesy of Wiggin's Trading Post 

Lower Sacramento River -- Releases out of Keswick Reservoir are 6,133 cfs. The fishing has turned on over the past couple days. #4 Brown Rubber Legs and small brown #18 mayfly patterns like Hogan's S&M, Mercer's Micro Mayfly are solid patterns. Dry fly fishing really isn't happening, but if you stick around near riffles and shallow water until sundown, you might find a few fish sipping off the surface, eating #18 cream colored mayflies.

Bring a good hook set and really pay attention to the indicator. The takes are super subtle. It's really easy to miss your best opportunities.

Best fishing happens mid day which is typical during the summer. The sweetest time to be on the water is at sunset. Near sunset is also the best time during the summer to find rising fish eating Hydropsyche emergers and cripples. Expect stable conditions and good fishing through August and September. Courtesy of the Fly Shop

Hat Creek --Fishing on Hat Creek is at it's best early, before the sun gets high in the sky and then right at sunset. PMDs in #18 are the top bug early, but you can get fish to chase after a dun imitation near sunset too. You will find the most consistent fishing/hook-ups near the Power House #2 riffle. Bigger fish can found hunting the flats at sun up and near sun down.

Try fishing a hopper suspending a #18 black midge.

Cream colored dry flies can work in the early AM hours. Try Gallop's Cripple PMD, Mercer's Missing Link or a Comparadun. The Parachute Adams is a great Callibaetis pattern. A #14 Stimulator suspending a Mercer's Gidget is pretty stealthy and just might fool the smartest fish. Mercer's missing link is a great dry fly choice anytime of day! 

The flat waters below the Power House Riffle can offer a chance to cast dry flies to rising fish anytime of day. Courtesy of the Fly Shop

Lake Almanor---  The East Basin has been the hot area.  The trolling lanes in some of the well known bait spots like Rocky Point, Canyon Dam, Big Springs and the A-Frame had decent fish.  The Hamilton Branch has been packed with anglers lining the shore due to a good bite there.  The big Browns are still at Rec. 2, as they have been all mouth. Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Klamath Falls -- Some decent reports are out there regarding the salmon fishing down near the confluence. The cold water released out of the Trinity brought in fish, but they are hanging out low in the river. We need cooler nights and shorter days to get those fish moving up into the upper Klamath. Above the confluence, water temps are still too warm. Warm water and low flows just don't add up to good fishing. We will see better reports by October as cooler, shorter days prevail. Courtesy of the Fly Shop

Baum Lake --This lake is always a go-to spot in the summer and fall with its cold, clean water and an abundance of habitat and insects.  Try to fish early and late when the sun in not high. Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Lake McCumber -- Fishing has been slow. This little gem is done for the summer folks. If you do go, your best fishing will be found in deep water. The fish are not really big. Comprised of planted rainbows, some brown trout.

Lake McCumber is surrounded with tall conifers, enveloped in clean crisp air and watched over by soaring eagles with sharp talons. A medium sized impoundment, the lake is considered "just right" for tubers, prams and Goldilocks. Courtesy of the Fly Shop

Lake Davis -- (Portola) Fly fishing is still slow, but is improving for anglers at Lake Davis, according to J&J Grizzly Store and Camping Resotr.

“One angler reported catching and releasing 3 rainbows from 20 to 21 inches long this morning,” said Graham. “He was fishing orange Wooly Buggers off Jenkins Point.” 

Trolling has been slow. Boaters are experiencing the top action while fishing rainbow garlic Power Bait and worms around the Big Island, said Graham.

“Shore fishermen are finding the best action early in the morning and late in the evenings in Mallard Cove while tossing out nightcrawlers,” she advised.

Brown bullhead catfish offer the hottest action on the reservoir. “Shore anglers are hooking lots of cats averaging 1 to 1-1/2 pounds while using worms in Coot Bay and off Camp Five,” she added.

The lake is 58 percent of capacity and surface water temperatures range from 68 to 72 degrees.

Fishing pressure has been light at Frenchman Lake. “Two anglers brought in 10 trout while trolling rainbow PowerBait yesterday,” said  Wiggin’s Trading Post in Chilcoot.

Hard working shore fishermen are landing limits of quality rainbows while fishing inflated nightcrawlers in the deep water off the right side of the dam. Courtesy of the


Eagle Lake -- Get out early and be ready to fish at first light.  Fish the east side of the lake by the springs at Eagle's Nest with lead core from 3 to 6 colors deep. Options included Sure Catch Goldilocks, bikini Needlefish or Jay Fair flies. Bobberfishing with nightcrawlers has also been a good option as well. Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Fall River -- Water Conditions are great and the fishing has been excellent, so not much has changed here. Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Lewiston Lake -- The fishing has been complicated water level changes due to increased releases out of Trinity Lake and of course Lewiston. Also, a recent die-off of Kokanee due to increased releases has complicated the fishing. Not the best choice right now. That said, good reports are produced by those who get out there.

Fishing #16 Pheasant Tail Nymphs or #16 Black A.P.s has been the most productive techniques. Retrieving leeches on full sinking on a sinking line is also a productive method of angling with a fly rod on Lewiston.

Lewiston is known for it's big, bad bows. Best fishing happens mid day. Lewiston is a good choice for anglers over in Lewiston/on the Trinity River that want to get a few rainbows in the net on their 5wt fly rod. Stripping leeches on a Cortland® 444 Classic Clear Camo Fly Line is a good method lately.

There's almost always something going on at Lewiston Lake. Fishing is best through the AM hours, tapering after 3:30 PM. This lake really fishes consistently well. The Trinity River is nearby and gets practically all the attention during the winter months, but there's good fishing at Lewiston Lake and only a few anglers take advantage of it. What should you expect? Leech patterns retrieved on Type III sink tips or full sink Type I lines can produce aggressive grabs. Suspending midge patterns under small indicators is a reliable technique. Bring your float tube or pram. Enjoy! Courtesy of the Fly Shop

Upper Hat Creek -- Fishing here is at its best early befor the sun gets high in the sky and then right at sunset.  The Power house no. 2 riffle is worth checking out. Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


McCloud River -- Water conditions, visibility, and fishing for Brown and Rainbow trout have all been great here lately. Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Pit River -- It continues to fish well.  September and into October are high months here. Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Lake Oroville -- The gravel ramp at the dam is open and the middle ramp at Bidwell Marina is open. Small bass are found from the bank to 20 feet. There’s top water action during the morning and evening. Drag worms or tubes mid-day. Courtesy of Nor Cal Fishing News

Shasta Lake -- Cover lots of water and target the first 5 feet with crankbaits and spinnerbaits for bass.  If you can find shade on hard structure like rock or wood in the afternoon, head to that.  There is also bait everywhere from the surface to 25 feet.  Best bet has been the first two and the last two hours of the day. Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Manzanita Lake --  Fishing is best in the morning hours. On the slow side through the afternoon and then picking up near sunset. Bring #12 parachute Adams for the evening hatch. At sunset. Overall, the fishing has been slow. Courtesy of the Fly Shop

Whiskeytown Reservoir -- The lake and ramps are in great shape and the kokanee fishing has also been outstanding for fish from 13 to 15.5 inches. Troll a pink Apex behind a Sling Blade in the channel at the bridge, or the coldwater curtain.  Try an Uncle Larry's spinner with pink and white beads, tipped with shoepeg sweet, long kernel corn (store bought).  You have to keep the hooks tipped with the corn. Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

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