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Weekly Fishing Report 09/30/15 -10/7/15

Please check the 2015 freshwater sport fishing regulations and recent Trout Plants

 Trout Plants: Sept. 14 through Sept 18

Battle Creek Reservoir-- Kastmasters and worms always do well here.  Fishing has been best early in the morning since the waters are warming up. Check special regulations here.

 -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Fishing is fair. Flows are holding steady around 200 cfs. It’s hopper time! Splash them around boulders and along the bank. Cover water to find eager trout. Nymphing with golden stones, attractor beadhead nymphs and caddis pupa are producing good numbers in deep runs, pools and pocket water. Skip the indicator fishing deep with heavy split shot to get the flies down in aerated water. Best of the evening hatch is caddis and yellow sallies with a few PMD’s still around when the sun is off the water. These are strong trout! Use 3X tippet nymphing and 5X tippet on dries with a light hand. Bring a thermometer! If water gets above 70 degrees find cool water. Trout do not revive well in warm water.

 -Courtesy of  Fish First

 Baum Lake -- Fishing is fair to good. Best fishing is early with midges and BWO. Anchor in a float tube or pontoon boat off the main current and drift small beadhead midge and caddis pupa through the current either under an indicator or on a 10’ leader with a slow swing in the current with a floating line. As the hatch progresses, switch to a midge pupa under a caddis or attractor dry. Best reports for big fish are from anglers stripping crystal buggers (hot fly is a #6 olive crystal bugger) along the weed beds and the edges of the main current. Look for hatches of callibaetis and caddis as temps rise and insects get active in the afternoon.

 -Courtesy of  Fish First

Bucks Lake -- Try running watermelon dodgers with Uncle Larry’s pink tiger spinners or needlefish spoons for Trout. 

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

 Cassel Forebay --  Power Bait, worms, and eggs are good go to baits here. There is always more pressure on the weekends, but there is plenty of room for everyone. An overcast sky will help the bite here.

 -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News 

 Eagle Lake – The Lake is low. The bite has been hit or miss for fly fishermen, trollers, and shoreline anglers. From Pelican Point down towards the Youth Camp has been fishing well and should for the rest of the season.

 -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

 Frenchmen Lake -- Lake is at 27-percent capacity. Wiggins Trading Post reports fishing was very slow for trout and fair for catfish. The Frenchman boat ramp and camp grounds are closed due to the low water level.

 -Courtesy of

 Keswick Reservoir -- Current Reservoir Conditions: Fishing has been mostly good thanks to stable water conditions! Focus on the edges of the currents near Shasta Dam. Suspending (under an indicator) #14 Birds Nest, #16 Dark Lord or a Copper John can work great!

Stripping leeches and buggers on a type VII full line works great here. Fish going over 20" happen! Releases out of Shasta Dam have been stable. Good place to hire a guide though. Finding these fish requires some special knowledge and a boat.

 Indicator suspended Birds Nests, Midges, PT Nymphs should work along the edges of the fast water near the Dam. Suspend your flies about 2-3 feet below the indicator. These fish like to come up to the fly. Fish the shallow edges. Stay low!! You will need a motorized boat to get to where the good fishing exists.

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop

 Lake Almanor -- Fishing is good to excellent. Best fishing is early morning for browns, followed by the rainbow bite at mouth of Hamilton Branch and other tributaries. Try Nymphing midges, attractor nymphs and egg patterns from the bank with an indicator and a floating line. Hot fly- #18anato may. Stripping buggers or pond smelt is best done by boat with a type 3 sinking line. Surface action is with small adams or cream sprout midge on a floating line mid-morning. 


 -Courtesy of Fish First

 Lake Oroville --Bass bite has tapered. The lake level is dropping and bass are in a slow, post-spawn mode. A few nice bass can be had with top water lures in the main body of the lake or the middle fork.

 -Courtesy of ChicoER/Bass Tackle Depot

 Lewiston Lake -- Current Lake Conditions: Trout bite is good. Limits are common for those trolling or casting Little Cleos north of the Marina. Bait fishing is best for those using pink Power Bait.

  -Courtesy of

 Manzanita Lake – The fishing has been fair. You can fish from a float tube, pontoon boat, or even a drift boat or raft, but no motors.  There is also plenty of wading access so you can find the shaded coves and undercut banks to look for Rainbow and Brown Trout.  Check the regulations for where you can fish and what you can use on this catch and release only lake. 

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

 McCloud Reservoir -- Fishing is fair to good. Trout have become educated with a spring of fishing pressure. Fish will rise to a well-placed dry fly but nymphing will be the most productive at this time. Nymphing early morning with an epoxy back stone and a black AP dropper through pocket water and oxygenated water will get some fish before it gets too hot. Try switching to a sink tip line with a seal bugger and fish the deep pools and runs where fish will hide. As the temps fall in the evening, look for hatches of caddis, small stoneflies and mayflies. Dabbing a dry dropper through pocket water while working up stream will get some eager fish.

-Courtesy of  Fish First

Shasta Lake SALMON /TROUT   We are catching Rainbow Trout and King salmon, trolling Shasta Lake main body, Rainbow trout fishing is excellent!  Fishing has been amazing, catching limits of fish daily. We are fishing 35 to 100 ft deep depending on the time of the day.  Early morning fish are ranging from 35 to 50 ft deep, Mid-day 80 to 100 ft deep using triple teasers and rolling shad.  Wow great days on the lake right now!

-Courtesy of

Trinity Lake -- You can catch 6-inch Kokes all day long.  The ramp is decent but take it slow.  They also have a dock in now.  Trinity is down 120 feet.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

 Whiskeytown Reservoir – Not many boats here. Try going down to the curtain and work the channels from 80 to 100 feet using Apexs and Hoochies in pink and oranges.


 -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

 Fall River -- Fishing is fair to good. Trout are rising to tricos around 9am. Hatches vary depending on your location. Best trico spinnerfall is above Spring Creek Bridge. Also try small midge and mayfly nymphs fished below an indicator along the flats. Look for trout rising to callibaetis in the afternoon. Trout concentrate on small areas with good insect activity. In the evening, swing caddis emergers and soft hackles on an intermediate line. Streamers fished on a sink tip are also producing on bends of the river. Weeds are thick but cool water is keeping the insects and trout active. Fishing will continue to improve as fall approaches.

 -Courtesy of Fish First

 Klamath River -Fishing is good. Reports are improving with fresh salmon and steelhead moving up the river with pulse flows. Best fishing is in the morning and evening when the sun is off the water. Fish a wet fly swing with a herniated or Silver Hilton on a long 2x leader with a floating line. When the sun is on the water use a sink tip line to get the fly down in deeper runs. Look for fish holding where cooler tributaries such as Blue Creek enter the main stem of the Klamath. The steelhead  are starting to move upriver, with good reports from Orleans and Somes Bar areas.

 -Courtesy of  Fish First


 Sacramento River 

Lower Sac - (Red Bluff & Anderson, California) 


Fishing is fair. Hatches are sparse but nymphing remains good. Fish the edges and seams and you will find trout suspending stoneflies, caddis pupa and PMD nymphs. From a drift boat, tandem flies under an indicator in 4-6 feet of water is the most productive method at these flows. Hot flies: Birds nest, Rubber legged stones, and PMD nymphs. Best dry fly fishing with caddis is just before dark when the sun is off the water and the trout are feeding in riffles. Stripers are actively feeding on pike minnow on weed beds and around structure. Chartreuse and white clousers and whistlers stripped in 3-6 feet of water will find stripers. Best fishing is around Chico.


 Lower Sacramento River Rainbow trout fishing has been fantastic, currently 7,200 CFS and steady. Water is clear and low, remaining the same for the last month. Temps are cooling down.   We are fishing from Redding to Anderson is very good, 15 to 25 fish days.  
In early morning, fish are being caught in the shallow choppy waters around the Redding area, and middle of the day fish are moving into the deeper water.  Working great is egg pattern, Cinnamon Pupa , Lures working well also, Spin and fly fishing-

Courtesy of

 McCloud River -- Blown out due to a mud slide, but it is finally starting to clear some. The fishing here has been good for some and fair for others. The fishing should only get better over the coming weeks.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Pit River -Fishing is good. Pit 3 is fishing best from dawn to noon and again from 4pm to dark. Nymph the pocket water with black AP’s, tan birdsnest and tan caddis pupa. Keep moving to find the willing eaters. Best results are coming from anglers’ nymphing with a big rubberleg stone and dark beadhead nymph dropper under an indicator in fast, oxygenated water midday. Few reports of Isonychia, but it should be on its way, especially on Pit 4 reach. Hogan's Isonychia nymph with a larger soft hackle is deadly combination. Try fishing with a swing at the end of your drift. The road may be closed 2 miles below Lake Britton due to construction. It is scheduled to open by mid Sept. That means you may need to access from Big Bend.

-Courtesy of  Fish First

Trinity River  -- Weaverville Ca- Junction City , CA 

The Trinity is back below 500cfs at Lewiston, creating ideal conditions for salmon and steelhead fishing. Last week was the best week so far this season.

-Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

Upper Hat Creek -- Current River Conditions: Fishing is fair. The trico spinnerfall starts around 9am bringing trout to the surface. Midday, switch to ants, hoppers and beetles fished along the edges and over the weeds where trout will hold. Grasshoppers have been productive along the edges during the heat of the day when nothing else is hatching. Cover water to find eager trout. Some caddis hatching in the evening. Heavy weed growth makes finding slots to fish tough. Afternoon wind can be a problem.

 -Courtesy of Fish First


Upper Sacramento --Dunsmuir and surrounding 

Fishing is fair. Best fishing is early in the morning in the lower stretches near Gibson, Simms and Sweetbriar. Look for midge and mayfly hatches. Midday, move up river where water temps are cooler. Fishing Mott and City Park in Dunsmuir good bets with fish taking caddis and beadhead nymphs under an indicator. Not much action on dries but nymphing is producing some bigger trout in oxygenated water. Bring a thermometer. If water temps are


 -Courtesy of Fish First

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