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Weekly Fishing Report 11/13/15 -11/20/15

Please check the 2015 freshwater sport fishing regulations and recent Trout Plants

 Trout Plants: Sept. 14 through Sept 18

Baum Lake -- Fishing is fair to good. Best fishing is early with midges and BWO. Anchor in a float tube or pontoon boat off the main current and drift small beadhead midge and caddis pupa through the current either under an indicator or on a 10’ leader with a slow swing in the current with a floating line. As the hatch progresses, switch to a midge pupa under a caddis or attractor dry. Best reports for big fish are from anglers stripping crystal buggers (hot fly is a #6 olive crystal bugger) along the weed beds and the edges of the main current. Look for hatches of callibaetis and caddis as temps rise and insects get active in the afternoon.

  -Courtesy of The Fly Shop

 Eagle Lake – TFrom here on out keep chains and warm clothes handy. It may be getting cold here, but fishing is still hot. Try Jay Fair’s all around bes, Sep’s orange grubs, or Sure Catch red dog.

   -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


 Keswick Reservoir --Focus on the edges of the currents near Shasta Dam. Suspending (under an indicator) #14 Birds Nest, #16 Dark Lord or a Copper John can work great!

Stripping leeches and buggers on a type VII full line works great here.  Good place to hire a guide though. Finding these fish requires some special knowledge and a boat.

 Indicator suspended Birds Nests, Midges, PT Nymphs should work along the edges of the fast water near the Dam. Suspend your flies about 2-3 feet below the indicator. These fish like to come up to the fly. Fish the shallow edges. Stay low!! You will need a motorized boat to get to where the good fishing exists.

-Courtesy of The Fly Shop

 Lake Almanor -- You’ll have to put your time in, so get here early. Trut are in the top 15 feet and moving into the shallows. Canyon Dam to Rocky Point has been the best trolling lane lately.

     -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

 Manzanita Lake – Trout are bedding down for the winter, so the bite is shutting down as the water temperatures drop.

 -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

 McCloud Reservoir -- The brown trout are migrating to the Ash area but closed on Nov. 15.

  -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


Shasta Lake Bass Fishing:  Bass are in their usual fall pattern with an early top water bite as they follow the abundant baitfish along the shorelines. We are still waiting for the lake to turn over. Trout are spread throughout the water column and filling up on shad.

  -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


 Fall River -- Closes this weekend on Nov. 15. Fishing has been good with baetis or blue wing olives in sizes 15 to 18 inches.

   -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

 Klamath River -Iron gate – Steelhead are eating eggs from spawning salmon. Guides have been doing good on crawfish plugs as well as night crawlers fished behind divers. Flows Sunday at Iron Gate were 1,050 cfs.

  -Courtesy of  Western Outdoor News


 Sacramento River 

Lower Sac - (Red Bluff & Anderson, California) 


The river is at 5,000 CFS. Sacramento River salmon fishing has been tough the last few days. Looking forward to any rain coming this weekend to help push up new fish. The more rain we get the better the 
fishing will be and the more brighter chrome fish that will come up river. Bouncing roe and back trolling Flatfish lures

 -Courtesy of


As of October 23, 2015 water flow is currently 5,400 CFS. Lower Sacramento River Rainbow trout fishing is excellent. Over 30 fish days on the Sacramento River right now for Rainbow trout.

 Courtesy of

 McCloud River -- The brown trout are migrating to the Ash area but it closes this weekend.

 -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News

 Pit River -The Pit River is open to fishing all year! Fishing has been good! This river fishes consistently well. The rainbows here hold close to the bottom of the river, nestled amongst boulders, rocks. Sometimes you gotta nag these fish into eating, showing them the fly numerous times. Fishing has been good to great for anglers that can cover water, moving from run to run. High-stick and short-line techniques rule the day with dark colored nymphs in #16-#6. Use one to three 1.8 gram split shot to dredge the pocket water when fishing nymphs. Don't hesitate to throw beetle patterns, Chernobyl ants... you should find fish looking up! Have plenty of extra flies! You will loose flies in the rocks!

  -Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Trinity River  -- Weaverville Ca- Junction City , CA 


 The entire river is fishable, and there’s definitely some steelhead around reports guide Steve Huber. “Most of the boats are working the Junction City area, but the entire river is fishable. In talking to some of the fish counters, it sounds like there’s a pretty good push of steelhead working their way through the lower river. The fish we’re catching now are averaging between 4 and 6 pounds, with the occasional bigger fish. We’re catching most of the fish in the deeper holes on plugs, but side-drifting roe is also producing some fish.

   -Courtesy of

Upper Hat Creek -- Fishing remains fair to good as we close in on November 15th, closing day for the season on Hat Creek. For now, October Caddis can be found coming off the water near sundown. Fishing an October Caddis dry fly near sunset is a wise choice! Water conditions are perfect! Fall colors are happening. Fishing has been good. It's a perfect time to fish this river! Anglers are doing best at the Power House #2 riffle, which is typical. Look for rising heads in the flats early and then near or just after sunset. Pay attention to fishing regs after sunset.. Don't get in trouble!

 -Courtesy of The Fly Shop


Upper Sacramento --Dunsmuir and surrounding 

FFishing is Good. Fishing for wild rainbows is very good between Redding and Andersons salmon begin to spawn. Salmon fishing is good at the Barge Hole. Although a number of dark fish is increasing.

   -Courtesy of Western Outdoor News


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