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                                      Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association  

                                      Weekly Fishing Report 7/18/14 -7/26/14


                 Please check the 2014-2015 freshwater sport fishing regulations

                                                 and recent Trout Plants




Frenchmen Lake-- The fishing continues to be good at Frenchman Lake. The warmer weather we have been having lately has made the fish go deeper.  Try floating nightcrawlers off the bottom.  Powerbait - rainbow, chartreause or sping green, has also been working very well. Bank fishing has been good at the dam as well as at Spring Creek. Steve Sexton from Loyalton caught 5 nice sized cat fish using powerbait and worms.  They were each about 17 inches in length and weighed about 3 lbs. Courtesy of Wiggin's Trading Post

Trinity River---The Trinity River is still providing some salmon fishing action from Lewiston downriver through Junction City. Drift boats are averaging 0 to 2 salmon per day from 10-15 pounds. Summer steelhead 3- 8 pounds are also being hooked while salmon fishing the Trinity River. Back bouncing small KF-15 and KF-14 Brads Killerfish sardine wrapped lures and roe working best from the drift boats. Bank fishermen should try drifting roe and tuna balls. The spring salmon fishing on the Trinity River below Lewiston should last until the end of this month. Courtesy of Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service/

Manzanita Lake---Fishing is good in the morning hours. On the slow side through the afternoon and then picking up near sunset. Anglers fishing black midge patterns, suspended under indicators are getting into numbers of fish. Callibaetis are coming off almost daily. Good reports coming from anglers fishing #16 Black A.P.s either suspended under indicators or retrieved slowly. Anglers walking the south edge of the lake can spot rising fish. For those fish rising along the edges of the lake, Callibaetis emergers can work, but sometimes these smart fish will refuse even the best presented imitations. Try ant patterns! Pay attention to the special regulations here, especially where you can and can't fish. Barbless hooks, artificial lures, catch and release. Make sure you inquire at the park entrance. Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Whiskeytown Lake--- At Whiskeytown I’m only fishing with a pair of rods, because the bite is so good. Pink lures are the ticket. I’m running both pink Apex and pink hoochies. When running hoochies I rig them 10 inches behind a 6 inch Sling Blade. I’m pulling the Apex 30 inches behind a small 4 inch Sling Blade. The fish are only 12 to 13 inches long, but they are fat and healthy. The best area is near the bridge in 40 to 60 feet of water, related Elster. Bass anglers are scoring at both Shasta and Whiskeytown. Most of the fish are spots running 12 to 14 inches, but larger spots ranging up to and beyond the 4 pound mark have been caught. Topwater baits such as Rebel Pop R’s and Zara Spooks work well early and late, while Senkos and other soft plastics do damage throughout the daytime hours.  Courtesy of The Fish Sniffer

Sacramento River (Lower)-- Trout Fishing:-The Sacramento River wild rainbow trout fishing is still going strong with cold water flowing through Downtown Redding from Keswick Dam. The Sacramento River wild rainbow trout fishing has been best from Redding down through Anderson side drifting small egg colored Glo-bugs. Trout average 1-3 pounds with larger 4 and 5 pound trout caught and released daily. Back-trolling small hotshot lures in size # 50 and # 70 lures are also producing nice bows. Best lure colors to consider are silver or gold patterns. Lower Sacramento River fly fishing:  The Lower Sac continues to fish well in the morning and late evening. The warm mid-day conditions are much slower with the occasional fish being hooked here and there with the PMD Mayfly still being the bug of choice. Some caddis activity in the evenings depending on what section of river you find yourself on. Good flies have been Poxyback PMD’s, PT’s, Rubberleggs, TFS caddis poopahs and egg patterns. The big news to report is that Mud Creek above the McCloud has blown out due to glacial runoff and has muddied up the McCloud River below the reservoir. This may take up to a week or longer to clear! Courtesy of Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service/ 

Sacramento River (Upper)--The Sacramento River salmon fishing opener came and went with a bang in some spots on the river and it came and went quietly in others.  As the eager anglers hit the river on Wednesday's opener the excitement ran high with many scouting the river days before and others claiming their camp spots the night before.  The salmon fishing near Corning and Hamilton City was very quiet with just a few fish caught however there was a very good bite early near Deer Creek where at least a dozen salmon were landed. The fishing upriver closer to Red Bluff was considerably better with some reports of up to a dozen salmon hooked on one boat alone! The report from Ken Turner’s boat in Red Bluff was spectacular with 12 salmon hooked and four king salmon landed up to 23 pounds, all on sardine wrapped Brad's Killerfish plugs and Flat fish lures.  There was a tremendous amount of moss flowing down the river fouling plugs and lines all day making it very difficult to get a clean drift.  The salmon fishing on Thursday July 17th was considerably better with less moss and fewer boats on the river.   The bite that happened at Deer Creek produced some nice kings 8 to 18 pounds all on back bounced sardine wrapped plugs.. King salmon fishing will continue to build through July and into early August. Look for best fishing in mid to late August and all of September. Courtesy of Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service/ 

McCloud River--- Cold water and good fishing are on tap this week on the McCloud River. Anglers are catching fish on nymphs suspended under indicators or dredged between the boulders using high stick and short line technique. Even dry flies are producing mid day. Stonefly hatches are over, but there are fish in the river that remember. Bring a few beetle and ant patterns. Additional nymphs to have include Eng Things, #18 Micro-Mays, Rubber-Legs, Swinks BTS GD, Poxy Back Hares Ear and small dark midge patterns in #18-20. Good Dry Flies: Mercer's Missing Link and Parachute Adams. Bring beetle patterns: Black Flying Ant, Hi-Vis Beetle and a Fat Albert or three. Courtesy of The Fly Shop 

Fall River --- Fall has been fishing great this week. The Hex hatch is going off every night. The weather this week is perfect for fishing this river! The dry fly fishing has been good. You will have to be on the water and in position before 10:00 AM to experience the best PMD hatch. Keep in mind, at least a 30' tight loop is what get's fish to eat the dries. Make sure you go down river early for the Hex hatch. There's a good black caddis hatch and a baetis called a "Margarita". Use a #14 Zug Bug with a dropped #16 Hogan's S&M. Swing on a floating line, tappered learer @ 5X. Works best in shallow water above a depth transition. Courtesy of The Fly Shop

SHASTA LAKE--- Big king salmon are testing tackle at Lake Shasta, while big numbers of kokanee are providing thrills for anglers plying the cold water of Whiskytown Reservoir. In addition to the salmon action, trout and bass fishing are rated as good. Both rainbows and kings are on the bite at Shasta.  “We’ve been getting 3 to 5 kings per trip to the boat in the 2.5 to 4.5 pound class while working Dry Creek. I’m getting them on rigged shad and anchovies trolled 80 to 120 feet deep. They are awesome hard fighting fish.” “The trout fishing at Shasta is consistent, but we are at the point in the season now that the fish are dropping in the water column. They haven’t settled into a firm depth yet, so they are a little scattered. We got a dandy rainbow on shad in Dry Creek last week while targeting salmon at 80 feet,” disclosed Mike Elster. Courtesy of The Fish Sniffer

Feather River ---  Shad are still being caught around Live oak, but the big story is the nice move by steel head heading up the low flow section. Even better, some of those fish are taking flies on the swim, even red copper Johns, and pressure is low. Most fish have been about 3-4 pounds. Courtesy of Wester OutDoor News

Hat Creek --- Best fishing happens in the AM hours and then again near sunset. On some days, anglers can find Callibaetis coming off along the flats. Look around 11:30 to 1:00 PM. Cream colored dry flies can work in the early AM hours. Try Gallop's Cripple PMD, Mercer's Missing Link or a Comparadun. The Parachute Adams is a great Callibaetis pattern. A #14 Stimulator suspending a Mercer's Gidget is pretty stealthy and just might fool the smartest fish. The flat waters below the Power House Riffle can offer a chance to cast dry flies to rising fish anytime of day. Look for scattered hatches of baetis, PMDs and BWOs during the late morning through early afternoon. Caddis are coming off in the early morning and then again near sunset. Get on this river early and then again late if you want to find the biggest fish. The fish here are haters of the sun. Haters gonna hate. Go have fun! Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Keswick Reservoir--Fishing great on some days, mostly tough due to erratic water flows. We expect better fishing come August. Not too many anglers go fishing here. Since you need a motorized boat to fish the best water, most anglers are found on the Lower Sacramento that flows out of the dam that creates Keswick. Stripping buggers and leeches has been the top technique. Nymphs work best if fished along the edges of the boulders and eddies that are typical of the upper section near the dam. For a different experience, go check this place out. It's fun. Stripping leeches and buggers on a type VII full sink line works great here. Fish going over 20" happen! Releases out of Shasta Dam have been stable. Good place to hire a guide though. Finding these fish requires some special knowledge and a boat. Indicator suspended Birds Nests, Midges, PT Nymphs should work along the edges of the fast water near the Dam. Suspend your flies about 2-3 feet below the indicator. These fish like to come up to the fly. Fish the shallow edges. Stay low!! You will need a motorized boat to get to where the good fishing exists. Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Klamath River --Fish Salmon fly dries. Good flies to bring include Matt's Stonefly-Salmon Fly, Rogue Foam Stone-Salmon Fly, Mercer's Flush Floater Salmon Fly. Good nymphs include: #4-8 Rubber legs in brown or black along with Amber Wing Princes in #14-18 and Red Copper Johns in #16-18. Also, egg patterns in shrimp pink, orange and salmon egg should be in your fly box. Don't forget your steelhead card! Fly rods from 6wt to 7wt are perfect in lengths of 9' to 9'.5. Switch rods are popular and make casting very easy. Spey rods fit in well on the Klamath river. Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Lake Almanor---If you're planning on fishing Almanor, the next 2 weeks should be good. The moon phase will darken, insect hatches are still popping off, surface temps are still cool enough, feeding cycles will self correct, allowing anglers a much better shot at a successful morning. Generally, most boats have been trolling and been scattered all over both basins looking for the hot bite. Courtesy of Almanor Adventures

Lake Davis --Fishing is improving.  We had several fishermen come into the store to "brag" abou their catches. The bank fishermen were using night crawlers and Garlic scented PowerBait. Trolling was also doing well with the Dick Night Copper Red Head Size 0 between the island and Mallard and also in the channel. We have had several good hatches of bugs over the last week.  The fly fishermen did not come in to tell us how they did. Courtesy of J&J Grizzly store and Camping Resort

Lake Oroville ---  Small fish are easy to come by. Best fish are the largemouth. South Fork and Middle Fork are the best spots to try. Top water lures will work all day long.  Courtesy of Bass Tackle Depot

Lake McCumber - Fishing has been slow this week. Best fishing will be found in deep water. The fish are not really big. Comprised of planted rainbows, some brown trout, the fishing can be really fun. McCumber is a beautiful spot to fish! Lake McCumber is surrounded with tall conifers, enveloped in clean crisp air and watched over by soaring eagles with sharp talons. A medium sized impoundment, the lake is considered "just right" for tubers, prams and Goldilocks. Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Lewiston Lake---Consistently good fishing! Water conditions are cold and clear. Callibaetis have been coming off after 9:00 AM. Fishing #16 Pheasant Tail Nymphs or #16 Black A.P.s has been very productive. Look for rising fish after 11:00 AM. Those rising fish are eating Callibaetis emergers and Duns. Good emerger patterns are Mayfly Cripples, Mercer's Callibaetis Emerger. For a Dun, throw a Parachute Adams in #16 or a CDC Dun. Carpenter Ants are also happening, but not every day. Just make sure you have a selection of Ant patterns. If you can't identify what the fish are eating off the top, it's probably carpenter ants. Look for links to flies on the right. Lewiston is known for it's big, bad bows. The reservoir level is low. Best fishing happens mid day. Lewiston is a good choice for anglers over in Lewiston/on the Trinity River that want to get a few rainbows in the net on their 5wt fly rod. Stripping leeches on a Cortland® 444 Classic Clear Camo Fly Line is a good method lately. There's almost always something going on at Lewiston Lake. Fishing is best through the AM hours, tapering after 2:00 PM. This lake really fishes consistently well. The Trinity River is nearby and gets practically all the attention during the winter months, but there's good fishing at Lewiston Lake and only a few anglers take advantage of it. What should you expect? Leech patterns retrieved on Type III sink tips or full sink Type I lines can produce aggressive grabs. Suspending midge patterns under small indicators is a reliable technique. Bring your float tube or pram. Enjoy! Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Pit River---  Best fishing has been in Pit #3, but don't discount the waters in #4, #5. You will do best high sticking and short linning the fast slots, drops and pockets. Look for areas where water is squeezed and put your nymphs down fast and deep. That means 1 to 3 SSG split shot. Anglers fishing nymphs are doing best. Hot flies include #16 Dark Lords, Zack's Pseudo May, #16-18 Red Copper Johns, #14-16 BH Pheasant Tail Nymphs, #6-8 Rubber Legs. Courtesy of The Fly Shop

Trinity Lake---The bass bite is best from mid-March to mid-June during the pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn. Evening top water fishing can be very impressive during this time period. Trout are catchable using bait, spinners and flies, particularly where streams enter the lake. King salmon can be taken trolling deep with downriggers. Courtesy of The Trinity Fishing Guide

Baum Lake -- Baum Lake is offering anglers of all disciplines the opportunity to catch trout of quality and in quantity. Bait dunkers, lure tossers and fly fishing practitioners are all catching trout currently. Janet Vaughn of Vaughn’s Sporting Goods and Fly Shop in Burney state’s that no one is complaining about fishing at all. As she mentions if people aren’t catching fish or the fish are too small everyone will say so, but this is not the case. Janet mentioned that besides the usual Kastmaster and Panther Martin compliment of producers for lure fishermen an angler reported catching all the fish they wanted on a Chartreuse Trout Magnet being fished in current. The bait anglers are doing well with meal worms and mini crawlers. The fly anglers are using BWOs with overcast conditions as well as midges in olive or black. Griffith gnats, small red copper johns, Pheasant tail nymphs and wooly buggers are also doing well. Courtesy of






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