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The Shasta Cascade region not only has diverse landscape, but is rich in legacy from the people who call this land home.  This section highlights a few of the people who have made a major conrtibution to the tourism industry.  We hope you will enjoy learning about these members of our community whose vision has helped our communities grow. Click on a story to hear more about the legacies these folks have left in our industry! 

Dewey Lucero - Harvesting Tourists

Dianne Nelson - Wild Filly

Father Thomas- Sacred Stones Resurrected

Francis Berg - Land of Many Uses

Gail Winslow - Lavender Lady

George McArthur - A Simple Life Lived Well

Joe Willis - Black Oak Naturalist

John Growney - Cowboy Up

John Koeberer - Park Service

Julie Cassidy - Spiritual Advisor

Keith Groves - Making Wine Off the Grid

Ken Grossman - Craft Brewer

Mike Michalak - Casting Flies

Red Emmerson - Timber Titan

Rick Satava - Inspiration Blown

Roy Ramsey - Dreams Afloat


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